Did you know the average Brit uses 110 toilet rolls a year?

Scary stuff. But seriously, your business would grind to a messy halt without a reliable supply of janitorial essentials to keep your workplace clean, hygienic and tidy.

Trust Red to supply all your janitorial supplies, from store cupboard essentials like cleaning products & toilet rolls to dispensers, mops and sanitising gels.

Choose from leading brands such as Tork, Kimberly Clark, Deb, Ecover & 3M along with our 2work brand to reduce cost without sacrificing quality.
Order all your janItorial supplies through Trust Red and you’ll cut the cost of procurement, reduce storage and simplify your systems – with consistent products used throughout your business you’ll need fewer Data Sheets.

Give us a call to arrange a meeting with Stuart at your workplace – to find out about your current janItorial supplies situation and to see if we can save you time, hassle & money.